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IDigital transformation is not about I.T. It is about people . 

My Technology Advisory service is designed to deal with  expertise across numerous disciplines such as Technology Strategy Development, Outsourcing, Cloud, IT Operating Model and IT Effectiveness. My Advisory has assisted numerous Clients and is  designed to support your business and ensure that technology is used to create and maintain value.

I have the necessary experience  to support your Board and Executive team when making key technology investment decisions or as part of a significant growth or change programme. My offerings are scalable in a way that works for both our large listed clients through to small privately owned businesses. I have built relationships with many of the leading technology vendors to ensure we are aware of the latest trends, services and products, but remain completely independent and vendor agnostic, allowing us to make objective recommendations.


My Approach

EI I work with your Board of Directors to plot the transformation of your digital core to reduce cost, manage risk, and speed time to market. Together we will  design the strategy, simplifying technology and optimizing costs, all while managing risk.

I employ best ITSM (IT Service Management) practise,  a  set of systems and processes firms use to improve the way IT is used.

ITSM is much more than just your IT department meeting its goals. Unlike traditional IT management approaches, it isn’t about technologies themselves. It’s not about how you develop, deliver or maintain hardware and software. ITSM is about providing well-organized IT services which militate against disruption and deliver business efficiencies.

How I help

I will ensure  the design, build, and integrated solutions create a next-generation digital experience. Utilising my expertise which includes digital application services and modern enterprise application integration, I will set definitive objectives to improve efficiency and increase yields and profitability.

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I approach each assignment with three essential elements: strategic thinking, creative solutions, proven results.
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