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We have vast experience specifically in Africa mitigating country risk and delivering outsize yields.

Disrupted and restructured trade flows and low production cost economies are set to begin to dominate evolving trade flows.

Synterra  offer specialised consultancy services in relocation and expansion of businesses to the emerging markets from the UK to the rest of the world and vice versa.

I help you to manage your organisation’s risk strategically, with bespoke solutions designed to meet not only your risk management objectives in entering emerging markets, but also your overall business goals. Using industry-leading data and analytics, we evaluate your exposures and risk management programme gaps, helping you to determine the return on your investment and make informed decisions about programme adjustments and direction.

We can help you understand the likelihood and impact of diverse risks on your operations in emerging markets, specifically Africa, and monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of those risks. You can recover from losses faster, take advantage of emerging business opportunities, and achieve business objectives.

Using the benefit of our legacy experience and our vast network of relationships, I can facilitate market entry across a variety of sectors. Working as a trusted Advisor and interlocutor I can ensure that your organisation seamlessly gain access to emerging markets with minimum risk.

Companies around the world are placing greater emphasis on managing risks in response to rising demands from stakeholders. Effective enterprise risk management requires a robust, organisation-wide identification, monitoring and reporting process. Our team draws on their broad industry experience to help clients embed risk management into their corporate culture.

Our Approach

In addition to in depth risk management, I undertake due-diligence, conduct KYC investigations and compliance investigations on behalf of the Client.

Africa as an emerging frontier market is difficult to ignore. It’s a vast continent of 11.7 million square miles, home to some 1.2 billion people — more than 15% of the global headcount — and is poised to overtake China’s population within the next five years or so. It is however a diverse heterogenous continent requiring expert analysis and broad understanding for companies seeking to invest. This is a key speciality skillset of Synterra Consulting.

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