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That is why I  apply in all our Projects a specific and well-proven methodology for training and transferring the knowledge to the Organisation.

It is not about the consultant doing the Project. It is about raising the expertise of the Organisation and provide the knowledge, the understanding and the means (i.e. data, analytics, tools...) for having all stakeholders involved in the Project developing the right level of confidence in the opportunity for the change.



It is about spending time and actively listening to the professionals that have the real expertise about the market, the products, services and more importantly the customers, to understand how to adapt theory models and best practices to a real and pragmatic "real world" application.

By training (ensuring the understanding of the opportunity), by involving (considering the right mapping of stakeholders) and by listening (securing a real and pragmatic implementation), we can consider that we will develop the proper landscape for having the entire Organization embracing the change and celebrating the success.

My Approach


Engaging in a transformational Project is not an easy and risk-free initiative.

I  have developed and fine-tuned over more than 25 years and numerous Projects a unique approach to help our Clients  to secure a smooth, secured and profitable path.

Starting from a first obvious step to measure the current status and set the ambition for moving towards the Roadmap to Excellence, we apply a specific module for helping the Organisation to measure the short-term potential and long-term Return on Investment.

Then, it is about the design and "blueprint" of the transformation, aligning all stakeholders to secure pragmatism, business acumen and embracing  change.

The next needed step is about piloting, starting to capture results, demonstrate the benefits to the organization, fine tune and celebrate success.

When the piloting phase is representative enough, the Organization is ready for scaling and rolling-out to others similar business units and/or countries.

I am  the perfect companion all and each of this progressive steps, from diagnostic, measurement, design, pilot and scalable implementation.

How I help

Long-term structural transformation has four characteristics: scale (the change affects all or most of the organization), magnitude (it involves significant alterations of the status quo), duration (it lasts for months, if not years), and strategic importance. Yet companies will reap the rewards only when change occurs at the level of the individual employee.

My Restructuring Advisory Services is  designed to help you rapidly evaluate the underlying position of your business, customer or investment and assess the extent of any immediate challenges faced.

I then clearly present and recommend the best options for the business and its key stakeholders. My  tried and trusted commercial, hands on and pragmatic approach is supported by extensive client credentials and is utilised across many sectors in the UK and internationally.

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I approach each assignment with three essential elements: strategic thinking, creative solutions, proven results.
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