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There are many different templates and formats for  business and feasibility plans, but the basic information that is required is the same. I work with and can provide clients with a detailed template format that covers each key area and explains a little about what needs to go into each section, from the specific viewpoint of a business plan that is aimed at capital raising, even if just a few thousand pounds overdraft from your bank manager.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. A comprehensive Business plan illustrates exactly what your business is and where it's going, it's extremely detailed so that you and whoever else consumes the information such as future investors, can see exactly what your intentions are for your venture and the potential it has.

My comprehensive business plans are extensive, encompassing all things such as model, target market, provided product and/or service, management summary, projected profit and more. It is very important you have a comprehensive Business plan, so your business projections are backed up by research, graphs and numbers, not just words.

I ensure that your business plan is exactly that in depth, informative and engaging.

This type of business plan is usually required for substantial investment. The final business plan might slightly differ in content depending on the size of the funding required seed, series A to series C.

My Approach

The business plans contain the following information in addition to an electronically formatted financial model.

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Research
  • Management overview
  • Product or service overview
  • 5 years Financial Projections
  • Business modelling
  • SWOT analyses
  • Up to 4 competitor analyses
  • Operation plan
  • Personnel plan
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial write-up

 I work with company Boards  in a collaborative, multidisciplinary way to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. I feel confident advising my  clients on number of projects, assisting with idea generation or business modelling.

How I help

I combine the power of people and technology to achieve real, quality results. I  prepare plans and pitch decks that highlights the advantages of your business idea, your value propositions, and the attractiveness of the investments.

All my business plans are prepared from scratch ensuring accuracy and an eye for detail. Business plans are usually provided with a basic design, accompanied by custom charts. And our pitch decks are designed to match your branding.

The business plan writing process can take up to 20-40 working days. The initial research part takes about 10-15 days to develop. You might not hear from me during the early stages of the market research, however i will send you the draft for your approval as soon as its available.



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