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Bankable feasibility reports (BFRs), serve as critical instruments in the decision-making process for investment projects, significantly sway investors, financiers, and stakeholders. BFRs include detailed descriptions of a project's technical, legal, economic, and operational feasibility. They're generally used to verify whether the project meets technical specifications, complies with regulatory considerations, proves economically viable, and can be achieved within stipulated time rates. The business plan writing process can take up to 20-40 working days. The initial research part takes about 10-15 days to develop.


BFRs highlight potential risks, enabling stakeholders to mitigate them proactively. It presents decision-makers with a robust and comprehensive risk assessment, ensuring they're well-informed about all potential risks and threats.

By providing in-depth financial and technical assessments, BFRs can illustrate a clear picture of the project's viability. It provides a careful analysis of the estimated returns and the likelihood of achieving these returns.

Thorough BFRs help potential investors and project owners conduct due diligence. It unveils the hidden challenges, risks, and rewards associated with the investment, guiding stakeholders' decision-making process.

Bankable Feasibility Reports play a pivotal role in investment projects. They scrutinize and validate the technical, legal, financial, and economic viability of a project, proving instrumental in attracting, convincing, and securing stakeholders and investors. By dividing the BFR creation process into distinct stages, businesses can effectively plan, draft, revise, and present a compelling report that significantly boosts their chances of securing the necessary investments.

Stages in Creating a Bankable Feasibility Plan

Preliminary Analysis

The initial stage consists of collecting information about the investment project, conducting a thorough market study, identifying project opportunities and risks, and developing an initial conceptual project profile.

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