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Our business was started with the objective of providing companies wishing to invest in Nigeria a partnerand a platform to enable them best manage downside risk of operating in country e wanted to demonstrate that profitable and sustainable business can be done in Nigeria.

Over the last decade we have demonstrated our expertise in optimising invwatment in Nigeria, allowing our clients to achieve sustainable returns on their investment whilst continuing to provide the critical strategy imputs and investment advice.


Our executive Directors form the basis of our consultancy

Peter is an experienced Oil and Gas Accountant and Chief Financial Officer he is based in both Nigeria and Houston Tx Over 30 years of experience in energy field Peter has developed various business opportunities both in Nigeria, various West African countries and United States for a wide range of energy related companies including Famfa Oil Nigeria Ltd, Hoslyn Oil & Gas Services Ltd, Enron Engineering and Construction Corporation, Tenneco (El Paso Energy) and Dupont Nigeria Ltd (Conoco). In 2008, through Mr. Okundaye’s capacity, Oases Offshore Nigeria in joint venture with Frontier Drilling USA, was awarded a two year, $221million, nine (9) offshore wells drilling contract by NPDC (subsidiary of NNPC) at OML block 119, in the Niger Delta. This was an industry first for an Indigenous drilling company.
Inguss is an Attorney and has spent his career developing renewable energy portfolios. He has vast experience in renewable energy technologies and project implementation. He has made Nigeria his second home over the past 5 years. He has Over 15 years experience in gas-based and renewable electricity generation Has been involved in Nigerian power market over past 5 years to prepare for first mover advantage regarding power to be generated from associated gas that is still being predominantly flared. Exclusivity agreements in place with solar power producers and such experienced gas-based power generators as InterRAO. He has been responsible for lobbying for vertically integrated local power generation capacity in Nigeria to be able to provide maximum value to our investors and end users, so that our power output is not affected neither by transit loses nor by inability to feedstock production plants which are the critical problems currently in Nigerian power sector.”
Founder and CEO Synterra Energy Assets and a Non Executive director in a number of businesses in Nigeria. Oil Trader and Management Consultant with a 20+ year record of solid achievement in Europe, the U.S and Africa and demonstrated success driving multimillion dollar sales growth while providing award-winning leadership in highly competitive markets. Skilled in building commercial initiatives and organic growth of new or start up companies by employing expert financial strategy whilst improving business synergies. Tenacious in building new business, deal making and forging strong long term relationships with external business partners. Thorough understanding of the global marketplace.Trading counterparties include Vitol, Glencore, Trafigura, Sempra Energy, Oryx, Exxon, Chevron and Noble Clean Fuels. Solid track record of refined petroleum product imports into Nigeria


We employ a focused team of expert Consultants and Advisers and a network of Analysts that encompass a wide range of business skills particularly in project and trade finance in Nigeria. Our experience covers Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy, Agriculture and commodity trading. We have successfully negotiated and concluded numerous financings for projects in Nigeria and acted as consultants for both foreign direct and portfolio investment

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