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Sunday, 17 March 2019 16:10




Synterra are able to export high grade tin ore from Nigeria. We agregate the Mining production of a number of artisanal miners and consolidate volumes for exportSynterra has entered into formal partnership ventures with established indigenous, local Miners that have good experience and control producing leases that would benefit from the application of mechanisation (mechanical processes) increasing production to create a Mining business which would deliver  exponential upside to both the Miner and his community and the investor.


 Synterra  controls  leases  and        projects       in     w h a t    h a s    b e e n h i s t o r i c a l l y  the  premier and most prolific  tin producing area in Africa, the Company  is focused on discovering  and developing  additional tin deposits in Nigeria and currently has a number of leases pending approval in the Jos area in addition to the ones listed below. Synterra are keen to create a slightly different mining model for small scale miners that require relatively small capital investment  in mining terms and possess resource volumes that produce sufficiently high NPV and ROI to satisfy and compensate any investor. Though this model would particularly suit an investor that has a requirement for the off-take of the product. The investment horizon is short, typically around 4 years. But returns can be very high. Our model could either issue convertible notes, provide accelerated cost recovery, product discount, a lien over assets  or a combination of all of those and any other security  that would satisfy the investor. Synterra would organise the rateable delivery of the ore in agreed quantities to the investor's smelter or buyer.



 Synterra would also employ best efforts to ensure all environmental, sociol, and fair trade principles are employed in the Mining and rehabilitation of the leases we control

Sunday, 17 March 2019 16:08




Synterra have acquired beryllium exploration licenses in Gwantu, Kaduna State which give us exclusive exploration rights for beryllium, acquamarine and emaralds.


It is the intention of Synterra  to  Identify a suitable off-taker in the PRC for its beryllium production in Nigeria. Synterra also seek to explore the feasibility  of entering into  a contractual relationship with a suitable smelter (and/or) Refiner. This would take the form  of  a term contract for the off-take or smelting of produced beryllium. We are also prepared to contemplate   joint venture  or special purpose vehicle structures where such relationships might be efficient in adding value to mining projects.

Sunday, 17 March 2019 16:05




Synterra Energy have been trading in both Crude Oil and Refined products for over 15 years. We import petroleum products and deliver offshore to IOC's operating Drilling Rigs. Importing is can be very profitable but requires vast experience. Synterra have such experience.


We are Principal Product Market Traders that operate in the International marketplace as buyers, sellers and distributors of Refined Petroleum Products and Crude Oil. Soltaire Energy are also firmly engaged in the Nigerian offshore as Marine Suppliers as well as being an Oil Services company. Our strategy is to add value along the distribution chain and Supply Network to boost indigenous capacity. We are committed to all the ideals of Corporate, Social and Environmental responsibility and the sustainable development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry


There are a number of opportunities for physical trading of refined products which involves importing  gasoil, gasoline, Jet A1 , Bitumen and Base Oils

Many require leasing local storage or entering into a Collaboration Agreement with local tank farm owners.

Importing petroleum products into Nigeria is a risk management exercise which   involves exposure to  foreign exchange risk,  currency default risk,  open market risk, counterparty credit risk and operational risk

Nigerian banks cannot fund petroleum import transaction with credit facilities as all facilities must be collateralized . Interest rates on loans in Naira are prohibitive.  This makes any trade transaction using locally obtained credit  unprofitable.

Trading desk requires access to US Dollars on flexible and competitive terms.

Needs to have an active Naira hedging strategy and margin targets.

Sunday, 17 March 2019 16:03



 Synterra have sourced and provided a number of funding proposal for the NNPC exploration and funding subsidiary NPDC. We have successfully raised finance for NPDC assets.


 We have sourced funds and arranged finance for assets held by NPDC. The funding arrangements have been for investments into acreage owned by the national oil company and where we have have had to attract investment. Similarly we have raised investment for local indigenous Upstream Operators. We have worked on  numerous Oil Mining Leases (OML) including OML119, OML111, OML65 and OML51. We have also sourced funding for investment in Oil Prospecting Licenses (OPL). We work closly with both the Department of Petroleum Resources, the Ministry and the NNPC where we have developed excellent relationships.



Synterra have applied for the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme, an initiative conceived to deliver the zero gas flaring objective of the Nigerian Government.


This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for Nigeria to meet its commitment to end gas flaring. In recent years, Nigeria, which was the second largest gas flaring nation in the world, is now ranked the seventh. This is due to increased domestic gas consumption, particularly gas to power projects.


 New technologies now exist for gas processing to CNG, mini-LNG, mini-GTL and power generation for the monetisation of gas. Consequently, the Nigerian government has launched a “Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme” (NGFCP), through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The aim of the programme is to provide a commercial approach for the elimination of routine gas flares by 2020. The strategy is to achieve social, environmental and economic impacts in the Niger Delta region by mobilising private sector capital towards ‘gas flare capture’ projects.


 The programme has already identified about 140 flare points that together flare above 1 Bscf/d. If those flared gas are captured; they could provide about 500,000 MT of Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Of these 140 flare points, 65% are onshore. 20 of the 91 onshore flare sites are large enough to sustain a 50MW gas turbine. It is expected that about $3.5bn would be invested in the NGFCP, which could remove about 20 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, generate 2.5GW of electricity, provide 600,000 MT of LPG per year, and create more than 300, 000 jobs. The programme would likely reduce the incidence of vandalism of oil and gas facilities in the Niger Delta, by improving the quality of life and by extension standards of living.


We are waiting for the program Directors to perfect a commercial modal that will provide essential claritty in evaluating the project yields and creating a financial model.

Sunday, 17 March 2019 15:58



Synterra's core competency is Nigeria. We work providing consultancy and Advice to businesses looking to invest in Nigeria. We operate in the natural resource sector which includes Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining and also agriculture. Our business activities include the trading of Nigerian equity crude, fuel oil and naphtha, with the senior management of the company having traded billions of dollars in crude oil and refined petroleum products. We currently import Gasoil, Jet A1and Gasoline for both local consumption and on behalf of a number of IOCs offshore operations. Synterra Energy have successfully raised finance for mining and Upstream energy projects and are currently engaged in  originating energy projects including renewable energy, We have arrangements and agreements with global energy  companies where we act as local partners. Synterra also have excellent commercial and business relationships with local stakeholders in country and are ideally positioned to act as interlocutors. We also provide consultancy and advisory services to  businesses and investors that consider investing in Nigeria.


Sunday, 17 March 2019 15:56



Synterra now exports agricultural cash crops from NigeriaWe have developed a supply chain operation with local producers of various  agricultural produce in Nigeria. The produce is destined for export to existing off-takers under contract. Synterra are able to deliver the produce on a  CIF  or FOB basis under flexible payment options.  


The Nigerian Government are providing incentives under the new policy to boost exports of agricultural produce from Nigeria

Led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council infrastructure and policies are being developed to increase participation in export and cash crop production

By creating value and rationalizing the efficiency of the supply chain, the government have address many of the perceived in country risks of exporting from Nigeria

Export quality produce enhanced by local processing capability has created US Dollar revenue opportunities for exporters in Nigeria

We are able to impose rigorous best practice in maintaining the fidelity of the supply chain whilst being uniquely positioned to engage local producers.

Agricultural exports are a priority objective for the Nigerian Government in diversifying the economy away from Oil

We currently have arrangements for the following products:


Sesame Seeds



Cashew Nuts

Shea Butter


Gum Arabic


Sunday, 17 March 2019 15:55



Synterra provide market intelligence and business risk management solutions for investors wishing to participate in the natural resource sectors of the Nigerian economy. We have developed precise and sophisticated models which enable investors to accurately construct financial models and effectively de-risk investments. Our models incorporate sociopolitical metrics in addition to macroeconomic, industry and counterparty assessments. 


Nigeria can present numerous risks, financial, exchange rate, political for rxample, often on a daily basis. Synterra will help you to meet these challenges, because our experts work together with you to understand risk from your perspective. This approach enables us to provide you with bespoke strategic advice and innovative solutions across a wide range of insurable and non-insurable risks. Unlike management consulting firms with risk divisions,  Nigeria risk is our sole focus – which is why you can consistently call upon us to handle your most challenging business issues.


We help you to manage your organisation’s risk strategically, with bespoke solutions designed to meet not only your risk management objectives, but also your overall business goals. Using industry-leading data and analytics, we evaluate your exposures and risk management programme gaps, helping you to determine the return on your investment and make informed decisions about programme adjustments and direction.


We can help you understand the likelihood and impact of diverse risks on your operations, and monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of those risks. You can recover from losses faster, take advantage of emerging business opportunities, and achieve business objectives.


Our bespoke project evaluations detailing fatal flaws and recommendations which lend the highest level of independent advice for new market entrants. Our offering is conceived to mitigate the 'ease of doing business' in Nigeria by adding value to critical decision making. Whether you are a portfolio investor or making a direct investment in Nigeria (Foreign Direct Investment) we have a solution for you.To obtain additional information please contact us


Sunday, 17 March 2019 15:53




 Synterra will assist you in ensuring any investment your company make in Nigeria is neither fraudulent or a scam. At Synterra our tenacious, commercially-minded solicitors provide expert advice and assistance in all manner of investment fraud matters. We have a proven track record helping creditors and investors recover funds in Nigeria, with particular expertise in cases involving crude oil trading and advance fee fraud. Not only can we assist you in completing satisfactory legal due dilligence but also advice in retrieving any investment.


Investment Fraud & Scams Advance Fee Fraud


 Investment rarely comes without a level of risk, but that risk increases exponentially for those unaware of the tactics of predatory fraudsters. The first protection against becoming a victim of a scam is to spot the signs:


Any investment that sounds too good to be true probably is

Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails or letters offering one-off investment opportunities


Don’t be pressured into an investment. Give yourself time to do due diligence so you can make an informed decision

Speak or contact Synterra to conduct a Legal Due Dilligence Test

Do not pay advance Fees such as registrations or permits without confirmation for Synterra


Don’t be bitten twice. Avoid follow-on frauds, where scam organisers pass on the details of investors they’ve swindled to other fraudsters


The second protection is to get your money back by enforcing your rights as a creditor. We’ve recovered funds for our clients in a wide range of investment fraud and scam cases, including for those who have fallen victim to:



Unauthorised firms and individuals running investment scams such as share fraud

Cloned firms

Ponzi or pyramid schemes

Identity theft


clients recover funds in investment fraud cases (such as those listed above), we have considerable knowledge of the sophisticated ways investment scams target investors and are operated, as well as how professional misfeasance can cause people to lose money. This expertise means we’re ideally placed to help creditors and investors get compensation by holding fraudsters and negligent professionals to account.

Sunday, 17 March 2019 15:51




The Nigeria Solid Mineral and Mining Sector has in effect made the great leap forward which will now allow investors to take  advantage of the vast mineral potential Nigeria possess. There are numerous undeveloped deposits of solid minerals and Rare  Earth which are bound to become more sought after as the scramble for raw material progresses


Synterra currently control Exploration Licenses for Beryllium, Tin, Lead and Zinc, Tantalite, Lithium and phosphates. Some of these  properties are producing using direct labour and artisanal miners. Many of these sites require investors to "mechanise" production to vastly increase output and provide exponential upside.Synterra have access to numerous Exploration Licenses for mineral properties with proven reserves and great investor value, risked to meet any investors appetite to find out more contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting Solid Minerals.


Our beryllium property in Gwantu, Kaduna State is a worldwide renowned site for both emeralds and aquamarine which we also hols exploration licenses.

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