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 Synterra are able to export high grade tin ore from Nigeria. We agregate the Mining production of a number of artisanal miners and consolidate volumes for exportSynterra has entered into formal partnership ventures with established indigenous, local Miners that have good experience and control producing leases that would benefit from the application of mechanisation (mechanical processes) increasing production to create a Mining business which would deliver  exponential upside to both the Miner and his community and the investor.

Synterra  controls  leases  and        projects       in     w h a t    h a s    b e e n h i s t o r i c a l l y  the  premier and most prolific  tin producing area in Africa, the Company  is focused on discovering  and developing  additional tin deposits in Nigeria and currently has a number of leases pending approval in the Jos area in addition to the ones listed below. Synterra are keen to create a slightly different mining model for small scale miners that require relatively small capital investment  in mining terms and possess resource volumes that produce sufficiently high NPV and ROI to satisfy and compensate any investor. Though this model would particularly suit an investor that has a requirement for the off-take of the product. The investment horizon is short, typically around 4 years. But returns can be very high. Our model could either issue convertible notes, provide accelerated cost recovery, product discount, a lien over assets  or a combination of all of those and any other security  that would satisfy the investor. Synterra would organise the rateable delivery of the ore in agreed quantities to the investor's smelter or buyer.

  Synterra would also employ best efforts to ensure all environmental, sociol, and fair trade principles are employed in the Mining and rehabilitation of the leases we control

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