Synterra Energy are actively involved in a number of oil and gas upstream projects and have established strong partnerships
with a variety of first class EPC contractors and service providers, Synterra ‘s main proposition is to provide local knowledge
and down side risk mitigation for investment in Nigerian upstream capital projects. Our strategy is to establish value through
the development of niche upstream E&P opportunities in Nigeria with an initial focus on discovered resources with early cash-
flow and upside potential.

Value creation and risk management is provided by a strong African-biased operating capability, local stakeholder support
and seasoned knowledgeable management helps reduce downside risk. It has been conservatively estimated that Nigeria
need to invest circa cUS$50 B on capital projects and infrastructure in the next decade .Our position in the Oil and Gas
sector and our current relationships with political decision makers afford us outstanding opportunities to acquire lucrative
investment acreage. The ultimate value proposition is in reducing in country down-side risk outside of the global commodity or
open market risk.